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Transforming Warehousing into Value-Adding Excellence

March 9, 2023 | 6-MIN Read


A significant player in the fashion industry recognized the need to optimize their resources in the face of the growing competition to remain attractive to their clients. Based on lean principles, the finished goods warehouse within the plant was identified as a non-value adding physical location and the company recognized that space can be converted to a revenue generating location. Eager to focus on their core business, they sought to revolutionize their warehousing practices into a value-adding facet. Entrusting us with a critical element of their operations – the supply chain – they aimed to synchronize their intricate processes for optimal outcomes and to free up that space within their plant for more revenue generating activities.

Optimizing the space for their operations and making the WH space for a value adding area which they can allocate for a revenue earning activity was their concern.


The Challenge

For a distinguished player in the fashion industry, specializing in clothing manufacturing and design, the operational landscape was fraught with complexities. With multiple facilities contributing to their daily garment production, catering to global customer orders was no small feat. Merging diverse garment styles, constructs, colors, and combinations produced across time periods into coherent Purchase Orders (POs) for export while keeping up with dynamic customer demands presented substantial challenges. The mission was to synchronize production and shipping schedules, ensuring timely delivery with the right quantities.


Our Approach

We embraced this challenge with a commitment to turn warehousing into a strategic asset for the customer. Recognizing that daily garment production had to synchronize seamlessly with a complex supply chain, we developed a holistic solution. Addressing each operational hurdle, we curated transparent solutions that seamlessly streamlined their processes.


Decoding Complexity

We identified the crux of the issue – identification and tracking of a complex number of styles was the key to managing the inventory of this client.  Production from multiple factories were received on a daily basis and we needed to keep track of the style, colour, size, constructs, and many more SKU related combinations in order to effectively and accurately track these items and combine at point of dispatch harmonized into Purchase Orders. The challenge lay in dispatching requested items in the correct quantity while adhering to promised delivery dates.


Precise Segregation

We received garments in different sales orders, comprising a diverse range of styles, colors, and constructs from multiple factories. Our solution revolved around meticulous segregation by sales orders, styles, colors, and constructs, all while maintaining precision. A solution was devised through our state of the art WMS to be able to track each and every PO at the SKU level.

We can track each and every PO by color, style etc.


System Solution

EFL 3PL further took on the challenge of managing our clients’ ERP as well that of their clients’ systems in order to streamline multi system management and accurate data entry with zero discrepancies. This reduced the system related burden from the client whilst receiving real time information required for decision making.


Value-Added Services (VAS)

Bringing efficiency and quality control to the forefront, EFL 3PL mirrored all facilities that were available at clients’ premises and brought the required physical, technical and systems infrastructure to our DC (all built to client specification). All 3PL staff were provided with the required training to ensure that the technical know-how is at the required level. Quality inspection centers were set up and all pre retail activities including but not limited to pick and pack, metal detection, labelling, tagging was put at the disposal of our client.


Simplified Shipping

We track their shipping schedules involving multiple modes and destinations, and arrange the orders according to their specific requirements, in coordination with their commercial teams thus taking the burden of managing shipping schedules off their shoulder.


End-to-End Transparency

The hallmark of our solution was the seamless implementation of 100% End-to-End Track & Traceability. By offering tailored dashboards and mobile Apps, we provided transparency and accountability at every step. We provided the customer with the ability to check progress of their goods movement both at office or on the move(real time track their supply chain).



Value Delivered

By innovatively converting warehousing into a value-adding component, we facilitated efficient supply chain management. The transformation provided enhanced agility, accuracy, and visibility, ensuring customer orders were met promptly and precisely. With our tailored approach, the customer was empowered to focus on their core business, while we transformed warehousing into a strategic advantage.