CSR Projects

Building A Better Planet

We actively seek out community development projects through our interactions with the community. Our CSR team proactively identifies areas which require focus through its engagement with the key stakeholders in the community, catalyzing impactful projects to address those needs.

Gammadda Project to empower rural communities
At EFL 3PL, everyone believes CSR is about demonstrating our EFL 3PL values beyond the confines of the company. It is about being good citizens by getting involved in the communities to which we belong. In collaboration with Capital Maharaja's support, we were able to support our ancient communities through the Gammadda project. Through this meaningful endeavor, we contributed LKR 947,000 to the Dambana Alms Hall Construction Project, aimed at benefiting the Vedda Society.
Enhancing Lives Through Spectacles Distribution
Our visionary CSR initiative is dedicated to extending the gift of clear sight to disadvantaged communities who do not have the economic strength to get spectacles for their vision impairments. As part of this endeavor, we provided 34 individuals from the Elder Society "Wadihiti Samithya" in the Peliyagoda area with much-needed spectacles. This initiative reflects our commitment to making a positive impact on lives through compassionate actions.
Donation of desktops to Jaffna Library
In a world where connectivity is paramount, technology takes center stage. Recognizing the needs of the Jaffna Library's e-learning zone, we stepped forward to bridge the gap by donating desktop computers. This thoughtful contribution, aligned with our CSR endeavors, is geared towards empowering local youth with enhanced educational opportunities.
Tab Distribution to less fortunate children in Balangoda
In 2018, EFL 3PL's parent company, Expolanka, embraced the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a cornerstone of their Corporate Social Responsibility framework. Echoing this commitment, EFL 3PL zealously embraced the goal of Quality Education. Identifying underprivileged students in the Balangoda region facing financial and other obstacles, EFL 3PL embarked on a transformative journey. By providing these students with tablets and unwavering support, we enable them to chase their educational aspirations and overcome hurdles.