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Seamless Remote System Process Outsourcing Solution for Renowned Apparel Manufacturer

September 4, 2023 | 6-MIN Read
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Client Profile:

A prominent apparel manufacturer, catering to top global brands, faced the challenge of orchestrating an intricate supply chain spanning Jordan, Sri Lanka, and the USA. With raw materials procured from diverse regions, manufacturing facilities in Jordan and Sri Lanka, and a distribution network in the USA, the client sought an efficient and dependable solution to optimize their end-to-end supply chain operations.



Coordinating raw material procurement, local sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution across multiple distinct regions posed a significant challenge to the customer. The complexity lay in synchronizing system transactions seamlessly while maintaining real-time data flow and adhering to global standards. This intricate orchestration was pivotal for the client’s operational success.



In response to this multifaceted challenge, EFL 3PL stepped in with a tailor-made solution – 24/7 System Process Outsourcing services. This strategic approach involved centralizing and managing the client’s entire system processes from EFL 3PL’s operations center in Sri Lanka. The Central System Support Team from EFL 3PL was deployed to ensure that the client’s system transactions, from transferring raw materials to plants to distributing the final products to end consumers, were executed with precision and in a timely manner.


Key Benefits to the Client:



Centralized Expertise: EFL 3PL’s skilled system experts effectively managed the entire spectrum of the client’s system transactions, including the buyer’s system transactions. This encompassed overseeing raw material transfer to the plants, order processing and distribution planning.

Round-the-Clock Support: Operating across different time zones, EFL 3PL provided uninterrupted 24*7 support, guaranteeing continuous and seamless system transactions. Any issues or discrepancies were promptly addressed, reducing downtime and operational disruptions.

Real-time Visibility: The remote system process outsourcing facilitated real-time visibility into the client’s operations. Accurate and up-to-date information enabled informed and quick decision-making and proactive problem-solving.

Data Accuracy: The dedicated team ensured that system data remained consistent, accurate, and aligned with the client’s requirements, enhancing the overall reliability of system processes.

Operational Efficiency: By outsourcing their system processes to EFL 3PL, the client experienced increased operational efficiency. The optimized processes resulted in reduced order-to-delivery timelines and improved overall productivity.



The Remote 24/7 System Process Outsourcing solution, offered by EFL 3PL, enabled the client to effectively manage their operations across multiple regions. Achieving 100% accurate order fulfillment within precise timelines, with transparent insights across the supply chain, has elevated the client’s reputation among their customers. This positions the client for continuous growth and a competitive advantage over their rivals.