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Facilitating Seamless Apparel Distribution for a Diverse B2B Clientele through Multi-Country Consolidation

March 2, 2023 | 6-MIN Read

Client Background:

A renowned Finland-based apparel brand with a global presence.



Our client, a prominent apparel brand, faced the challenge of effectively managing a complex supply chain catering to a diverse range of B2B clients worldwide. Each client has unique order preferences and requires intricate pre-retail activity specifications that are both sophisticated and time sensitive. Each client’s unique demands had to be met accurately and efficiently. On top of that, these activities would be costly if conducted in Europe, prompting the need for an alternative solution.



Hub Solution Integration: EFL’s Global Freeport acted as the strategic solution hub, streamlining the flow of cargo from multiple countries to Sri Lanka for consolidation and subsequent distribution across the globe. This hub provided the ideal platform to meet the complex demands of multiple clients without incurring any additional taxes or duties.


Synchronizing inbound and outbound demands, both in terms of goods and the system: By integrating with the client’s system, we were able to smoothly align outbound requirements with incoming cargo, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of goods. This real-time access to order details enabled us to customize the consolidation and distribution process to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Moreover, our physical coordination ensured that the actual handling of goods aligned seamlessly with the system’s demands, enhancing overall efficiency.


Precision at the Core: Every garment received was individually tracked, scanned, and matched against orders, ensuring the utmost accuracy and real-time visibility. This precision guaranteed that clients received exactly what they ordered, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.


Efficient Pre-Retail Services: We performed a range of pre-retail activities, including assortment, packing, tagging and hanger packing, based on each client’s unique order specifications. By conducting these activities in Sri Lanka, we reduced costs significantly compared to carrying them out in Europe.


Seamless Consolidation: The value-added garments are consolidated, seamlessly merging a range of garments coming from multiple factories over a period of time. into client-specific Purchase Orders (POs), which are then dispatched to retail outlets across multiple countries. This process is carried out both physically and, in the system simultaneously.


Real-Time Visibility: Live dashboards provided to the client enhanced decision-making and improved communication between them and their clients. This real-time insight ensured swift responses to emerging demands and opportunities.



Results Achieved:

EFL 3PL’s innovative solution not only successfully addressed the intricate demands of a diverse B2B clientele but also enabled cost-effective consolidation and seamless global distribution. By achieving heightened levels of accuracy, ensuring timely deliveries, realizing substantial cost savings, and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction, our solution contributed the client to achieve optimal sales performance, thereby further solidifying their position in the competitive fashion industry.