Our Parent Company

Expolanka Holdings PLC

EFL 3PL's roots run deep, firmly grounded in the vision of Expolanka Holdings. The journey began in 1978, when Expolanka set out on its path. Today, Expolanka stands tall as a dynamic global conglomerate hailing from Sri Lanka, with a diverse portfolio encompassing logistics, leisure, and investments. Over more than four decades, they have finely honed their expertise in the logistics sector.

Our pride at Expolanka Holdings knows no bounds, as we continue to be a vital part of the SG Holdings Group of Japan, renowned pioneers in logistics services with a rich legacy. This close association also includes Sagawa Express, one of the giants among East Asia’s delivery companies.


Expolanka Freight, an integral part of our parent company, has etched its name among the top 30 air freight forwarders and top 50 ocean freight forwarders worldwide. Witnessing their remarkable transformation from operating in places with limited logistics infrastructure to becoming a well-established entity, now spanning 39 countries with 70+ offices and employing over 2,300 dedicated individuals worldwide, is truly awe-inspiring. With our roots firmly planted within a logistics parentage, EFL 3PL has synergized our strengths in closely related fields to offer solutions for customers with a keen interest in simplifying the processes and relieving them to focus more attention on their core areas. This approach has propelled our growth, enabling us to outpace the market and establish ourselves as the key market leader.

Company History

A Trailblazing Journey of Success and Innovation

Mr. Hanif Yusoof establishes Expolanka Freight with a team of five individuals, operating out of a compact 300 square foot office space.
Bringing together its diverse range of investments under one powerful and strategic umbrella known as Expolanka Holdings.
Take a bold step towards further growth and transparency by filing for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the prestigious Colombo Stock Exchange.
3PL operations launched allowing EFL Sri Lanka to take on a more integral role in the clients' supply chains.
The inaugural 3PL Distribution Center at Nuge Rd was opened by 3PL Sri Lanka Team.
Disrupting industry conventions with Expo Global Freeport, pioneering freeport operations.
Unveiling the EFL Logistics Campus, a transformative space designed to shape the future of logistics.
The EFL Logistics Campus achieves LEED Gold certification, leading in sustainability and showcasing its commitment to forging a greener and more eco-conscious future.
Pioneering logistics innovation, a new brand name, EFL 3PL has been launched to provide a range of end-to-end 3PL solutions for businesses in search of seamless and integrated supply chain management.
3PL Sri Lanka team unveiled their Central Raw Material Hub in Kandana.
Introducing Quickee.com, powered by EFL 3PL, to manage end-to-end e-commerce order fulfillment and offer rapid last-mile delivery services.

A Powerhouse of logistics

One Expolanka Family

With a robust collection of formidable brands under our wing, we offer a comprehensive range of services, ensuring that you experience the ease of a one-stop shop for all your logistics requirements. From start to finish, we’ve got everything covered, providing a seamless and efficient journey for your cargo. Trust in our strength to streamline your logistics process and elevate your supply chain to unparalleled heights.

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