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Seamless 24*7*365 Supply Chain Management for Mission Critical IT Operations

March 8, 2023 | 6-MIN Read
  • 3PL
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Client Profile:

Our client, a prominent Tech Firm based in Sri Lanka, plays a pivotal role in providing software and hardware infrastructure solutions to various industries.



The client source server spare parts and other essential IT accessories from a diverse range of local and international suppliers to fulfill both their and their end customers’ requirements. However, the challenge arose when they needed a supply chain solution that could meet the critical demands of their operations. Their products had to be delivered to their clients’ sites within a tight 2-hour window, 24*7*365 days, especially in cases of server failures or urgent requirements. This level of time sensitivity and accuracy requirement demanded a partner with expertise in IT and supply chain management. They turned to EFL 3PL for a solution that could efficiently manage these challenges, as any delay in delivering the required hardware infrastructure could impact our client’s end customers’ businesses.



Understanding the crucial factors of accuracy and time sensitivity, we devised a holistic solution to tackle both challenges simultaneously. Our approach centered around seamless integration and immediate responsiveness.

Real-Time Order Placement: To address the time sensitivity, we provided our client’s network engineer with access to our tier-1 Warehouse Management System (WMS). This allowed them to place order dispatch requests directly into our system, even during unconventional hours, critical IT issues arise.

Swift Order Processing: Once the order dispatch request is placed, our dedicated personnel kick into action immediately. They swiftly organize the order and arrange for the transportation to the client’s premises.

Rapid Delivery: Thanks to our well-structured logistics network, the ordered goods are delivered to the client’s premises within the crucial 2-hour window, ensuring the client’s operations can continue seamlessly.

Inventory Visibility: We provided the client with full visibility into inventory and movement, making replenishment decisions more informed and efficient.





Our 24*7*365 supply chain management solution effectively addressed the unique challenges faced by our client in the realm of critical IT operations. By leveraging the power of real-time order placement, swift order processing, and rapid delivery, we ensured that the client’s products reached their destinations within the required 2-hour timeframe. Our seamless and efficient approach helped the client maintain their operational excellence and provide uninterrupted IT services to their customers.