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The Strategic Importance of Freeports in the Sri Lankan Economy

27 October 2023 | 4-MIN Read
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Situated at a pivotal point along major shipping routes, Sri Lanka holds a unique position as a gateway to various regions worldwide. By capitalizing on its strategic positioning, the country is establishing itself as a thriving logistics hub. Sri Lanka’s regional connectivity has been mainly through its main seaport in Colombo, a transshipment hub port for South Asia, promoting greater trade and investment linkages within the region. Hence, to further encourage commercial activities, Freeport services are an ideal solution given Sri Lanka’s strategic location that opens up to multiple shipping routes connecting Asia, Europe, the U.S.A., and the Middle East.


Put simply, Freeports are special economic zones that offer a range of tax and other incentives to businesses that operate within their boundaries. They can play a strategic role in the development of a country’s economy by attracting foreign investment, promoting exports, and creating jobs.


Freeport services are important to the Sri Lankan economy for several reasons. They attract foreign investment, create jobs, and boost trade. They also offer tax relief benefits to businesses that export their products to other countries, making them more attractive than other investment destinations. This has already led to a number of major foreign investments in Sri Lanka’s Freeports.


The need to create an export-oriented economy has been the talk of the town ever since the economic collapse began. And Freeports are an excellent way to promote exports due to the benefits they offer such as duty-free access to imported raw materials and reduced customs clearance procedures. This can make it easier for businesses to export their products, which can boost the country’s export earnings.

Third, Freeport services can create jobs. Freeports create jobs in a number of different sectors, including manufacturing, logistics, and tourism. This can help reduce unemployment, improve the standard of living in the country and overall contribute to the development of the nation.


As we look forward to the development of Freeports in Sri Lanka, it is important to remember that logistics companies that specialize in Freeport services will be essential to their success. EFL 3PL saw this need several years ago and began offering a wide range of Freeport services, including warehousing, distribution, and freight forwarding. Our EFL Global Freeport is the first commercial freeport company in Sri Lanka. EFL 3PL has a strong track record of success in the Freeport sector and is committed to helping export-oriented businesses succeed in this new and exciting environment.


Freeports are a key driver of economic growth in Sri Lanka, and EFL 3PL is proud to be at the forefront of this growth. As the largest and leading Freeport service provider in Sri Lanka with a network of offices that connect both the west and eastern parts of the world, we have a deep understanding of the Freeport market and the needs of export-oriented local and international businesses that require different types of freeport services. We are committed to helping businesses succeed in the Freeport environment, and we believe that our services can help to make Sri Lanka a leading destination for foreign investment.