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How Enhancing Your Supply Chain Visibility Can Improve Your Overall Operational Efficiency

16 November 2023 | 6-MIN Read
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Efficient supply chain management is a key component of a successful business. Any organization that wants to increase its operational efficiency must implement an effective supply chain strategy. A flexible, effective, and robust supply chain is essential in the current unpredictable global business environment, and businesses require enhanced end-to-end supply chain visibility that can deliver useful data.


But first, what does supply chain efficiency means? It revolves around the optimal utilization of resources to deliver products to customers faster and cost-effectively. Effective supply chain management solutions help improve processes, ensure better product quality, reduce risks, and promote business growth. The goal is to make sure products reach their destination smoothly and efficiently, satisfying customers while keeping costs in check.


In order to enhance supply chain visibility, a business must start with understanding how its logistics operations are currently working and where the company’s resources are coming from. Once you map out how the system works at present, it’s easy to figure out the loopholes and look at ways to improve visibility.


Improving supply chain visibility also means being transparent and proactive when a problem arises in your supply chain and making sure to communicate any delays or changes to the customers. Reaching out to customers early and letting them know the steps you’d be taking to settle the issue is important or else there is more chance for the customer to consider your services unreliable which will lead to losing business. This is where an expert logistics partner like us could help you. The most significant benefit of hiring us as your supply chain partner lies in the world-class tech we utilize to track every movement in your supply chain. Our tier-1 Warehouse Management System (WMS) is in place to ensure that storing inventory, picking, packing, shipping orders, and managing the workforce happens in an orderly manner. The robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) constantly updates the inventory in real-time, covering various events like new orders, inventory arrivals at the fulfillment center, order shipments, and restocking of returned products which are also visible to customers, so they aren’t kept in the dark.


If you are an e-commerce brand, adding automated shipping tracking is a great way to increase supply chain visibility. Our fulfillment services offer 24/7 real-time tracking, empowering customers to monitor the entire journey, from order receipt, and processing to doorstep delivery. This fosters clarity for both customers and businesses regarding their order delivery expectations, with provisions for taking necessary actions if deviations occur.


Upgrading driver technology is also vital. We as a group provide cargo surveillance with DVR units to real-time tracking and our 24×7 network monitoring center keeps you informed about every move. The cloud-based TMS optimizes route planning and facilitates live status visibility and real-time management reports for a smooth journey. All this is done to offer a quick delivery for your customers.


In today’s world of logistics, technology holds the key to success, and brands that harness its power will come out on top. That’s why it’s crucial for both ecommerce brands and other organizations that rely on logistics services to team up with tech-savvy 3PLs like EFL 3PL. With our advanced warehouse and inventory management, automated order fulfillment, and returns handling, we guarantee a seamless experience for customers. So, partnering with us sets you up for a winning edge against the competition!